Meet Our Team

Karen Haiflich
Licensed Agent


"Tailoring Health Insurance Coverage to Fit Your Needs"

Karen Haiflich is a dedicated independent insurance agent with expertise in Medicare, Life, and Health Insurance. With her extensive network, she collaborates with leading insurance companies, ensuring her clients receive tailored coverage to suit their needs. Operating across Alabama, Karen possesses an in-depth understanding of the insurance landscape in the region. Her approach involves crafting plans that emphasize affordability and comprehensive benefit structures. Additionally, she provides personalized insurance advice, empowering her clients to make well-informed decisions about their coverage options.

Deon Pope


"First Responder"

Deon Pope serves as Karen Haiflich's dedicated Assistant and is the primary "First Responder" when reaching out to Benefit Specialists Group.

Karla Rugg
Office Assistant


"Come Show Us Your Smile"

Karla Rugg plays a crucial role in supporting the Benefits Specialist Group through various administrative tasks, ranging from letter writing to handling incoming calls and fulfilling any other requests assigned to her.

Michael Taylor
Licensed Agent


"I help people with the Alphabet Soup of Medicare"

Michael Taylor is an Independent Licensed Health Insurance Agent specializing in guiding individuals through the complex world of Medicare, what he refers to as the "alphabet soup" of health insurance options.